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August 4, 2010
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Pokimono- Mankey Chisaru by SP4RT4N-23 Pokimono- Mankey Chisaru by SP4RT4N-23
Ok is kind of late but here is my aplication for the Pokimono group [link] :P if i need to make somes corrections i will do it later x3


Name: Chisaru

Pokemon: Mankey

Type: Fighting

Nature: Naive

Age: 19

Village: Scorched Mountain

Job: Artist -> Martial Artsist

Ability: Vital Spirit

Attacks: Outrage / Dynamic Punch / Double Team / Submission
* Colect rare stones
* Climbing and jumping from the trees
* Playing a arround
*Hide his Fighting potential (he will proyect a weak aura if you dont know him until is necesary to him to show some force)
* Training hard *VERY HARD*
* Help people
*Have a positive actitude (comes with is naive nature?)
* Protect peoples Dreams

* Unnecessarily Fight
* To be Teased (but he wont do so much about that, he will just bear it xD)
* Injustice
* To be alone in rainy days

Personality:he is a lively boy and a hard worker and realy siruous about his dream. His Naive nature (no matter what he belives in ppl)make him some time be an easy target for bad pranks.
Is a very perseverant and with a positive actitude to outcome adversitys.

History: Chisaru is an abandoned boy who was raised by an old martial artist Sensei in the Thunder Mountain Village. At the begining ,because of his trauma of being left alone, he was really wild and with a bad attitude in his way of trait people.But with time and the dedication of his sensei he learn to reopen his heart to people and his to his sensei, and to start to trust in people again.

From his sensei, Chisaru learned the way of the empty hand. Learning to evade problems like water and with the speed and determination of the thunder overcome adversitys.
At the age of 12, a rainy day, his Sensei Died protecting him from a a group of bandits. from that time he desided to master the only attack his sensei could teach him, and with that only strike to protect village people dreams.

Since then he live alone but despite of that he try to allways have a positive attitude about everithing that comes to his life.
Chisaru works as a stone deliver from builders worker of the village. In secret and when he is done with his work he stay in the mountains every afternoon and train destroing rocks with his fists... that created a rumour that there is a dangerous beast in the mountain that eats rocks.(he is not aware he could have created that rumour)

Acording to that rumours Yuuko decided to take a look for that beast, and thats why one afternoon She found Chisaru.At the begining she mistook him and by a weak hunter in the same search than her and by mistake attacked him with her poison. Still beliving Chisaru was a hunter, she got a good plan.In order to make up for the misunderstanding Yuu ofered(more than dragged him) in her quest. After a little Trouble with some bandits, She found out Chisaru combat abilitys. Since then she dragg him by any means necesarys to "play" with him.

After The Kamis war:
Well this event stroke everybody without much warning chisaru lost his old dojo house and as the rest of the villagers he got to escape of the kamis rampage that destroyed the whole Mountain. Once he could get into the refuge, he realised that some of his friends and his loved ones where not safe yet, so he desided to get away into the middle of destructioon to be sure to find them. First time he came back after that he went back from Thunder mountain, he returned with Kurazi on his arms and his back burned with a big sun shaped form. He got them when he used his body to stop some flaming rocks that where about to kill Dia and Kurazi. After a they where safe during the chaos, he got to talk with Dia, and knowing she was gonna be ok, she did had to help the ppl of her village so they got to separate their paths during the wars, and chisaru went back to rescue more lost ppl.
Thanks to God he got to save and find lost ppl like Naoko girlfriend, and Cinder and Sirius that were lost for days.

Now that the war is over, he made up his mind and want to become a martial art sensei as his sensei. Now he runs his onw dojo with his friend Kiri.

Extra Info
-Chisaru Bday 26 August
- Type blood 0
-Chisaru got a name that sound weak, even girly xD
-he dont like to other knows that he may be a strong martial artist. Many knows he can evade attacks quicly with his double team move, but just that at much. And since he is such an easy going child he get seen by a weak boy.
- Friend: Yuu (She is the only one at the moment that know Chisaru is a good martial artist)[link]
- he is afraid of mean looks and scarry things, and sometimes he let people intimidate him more easy than the normal of fighters should.

-His height is 5 feet 7 inches
-He usually tend to travel to the Ice bay to visit some friends, when he is there, he lives at Yuri´s house [link]

- Chisaru´s senseis was buried in Lake Bay. When he died he was really sad and helpless, and was like never leaving his grave. The only person who could sheer him up was Dia[link] . Who remembered him that Death is an ilusion and the love we share for others never disapear, only changes. She was the one who make him desire to pout that love in helps of peoples dreams. (yep Dia is really special to him so don you dare to mess with her xD)

-Chisaru is in a relationship with Dia

-Since he was saved when he was abandoned, when he was a little child he try to do the same as his sensei did to him, and often takes to home everyone who need a home for the time they need or want, cat, ppl he cant bear to see ppl abandoned, his last little cute stray cat is Kurazi [link]

-He is a stones and rocks collectionist, he dont pick them cause he kows so much about them but cause he likes them. Now he always carry his most presious one, an Ever stone xD
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SecretSeed Featured By Owner May 22, 2012
Did he get older? He looks a lot older haha
SP4RT4N-23 Featured By Owner May 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
secret :D !well my boy aged by the time i spend in pokimono...after all its been like 2 years =w= he grew stronger and a bit more calm...wise but still naive i just wanted to make him look like that in this new revamp
SecretSeed Featured By Owner May 22, 2012
haha okay, I kinda miss the old chisaru though x'D
SP4RT4N-23 Featured By Owner May 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
aaaw but the angular draw looks like he were more cold than he was... xD you knew him when he was a bit more like now ...will we see you back again : )?
SecretSeed Featured By Owner May 22, 2012
hmmm maybe idk, I kinda left da for a long time. xD
SP4RT4N-23 Featured By Owner May 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
you can always comeback >u> lots of ppl would be really happy to see you
Winged-fate Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012  Hobbyist
this guy is soo kick ass XD
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aaaaw thanks!kickass whise and lovely uvu... have a nice memory of him, i plan on revamp him ňvo
spaghettiiboobz Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2011  Student General Artist
AMG New chisaru *A* Amazing
SP4RT4N-23 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah new chisaru still as adorable and funy but with 10% of wise and coolnes
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